Camping Notes, Resources and Tips

Many of us that visit public lands in the United States enjoy some form of camping. RVing, tent camping out of the car, pop up campers or even sleeping under the stars. This section of the Public Lands Journal is our place to try to help you with your camping endeavors. This page will be a work in progress that provides camping resources, helpful links, product reviews and whatever else we think may be helpful.

You may want to have a camping checklist to make sure you prepare properly and don't forget to bring all your gear with you.

Camping Supplies

Camping Chairs - Unless you are going backpack camping, you really have to have a nice comfortable chair to kick back in and enjoy your trip.

Picnic Blankets - We like to have at least a few all purpose picnic blankets with us whenever we are camping out of a vehicle, be it our minivan or our camper. Picnic blankets are great tablecloths, can be used to cover a bunch of things on a table or on the ground and can be rigged up as an emergency tarp. There has been more than one time were we also were saved a bit of a flood by using a picnic blanket as a patchwork tarp laid over a spot that was letting rain water into our supposedly protected camping arrangements.