Don't Forget - Use a Camping Checklist

Spending time outdoors relives stress and helps us to unwind. In order to insure that a camping trip provides those benefits it is best to not accidentally forget to pack something you need to enjoy your trip. A missing item can be important for nothing other than your enjoyment or as vital as a piece of equipment that compromises your camping arrangements.

The best way to avoid leaving anything at home is to have a camping checklist. The list does not only serve as a reminder but should also be used literally - as a checklist. When you go through the items mark up your list. When you are closed to finish you will then have a clear idea about what still remains to get ready.

Personal Gear - Your toiletry kit (tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, soap, deodorant, comb or brush, toilet paper, etc.), towels, lip balm, sunglasses and sewing kit.

Camp Site Gear and Supplies - pocket knife, insect repellent, sun block, flashlights, batteries, lantern, water, water containers (canteen, bottles, etc.), rope, camera, clothespins, table, lounge chair and a clock.

Tent - tent, ground cover, mallet, tent stakes, tent poles, extra cord, tent fly or cover.

Camp Fire - matches, wood, shovel, axe, kindling, newspaper, extinguisher. Be sure to check about any fire restrictions or permits that may be needed for wherever you are going.

Bedding/Sleeping - sleeping bags, cots, sleeping pad, pillows, air bed and pump, blankets.

First Aid - The easiest solution is to buy a first aid kit. Since the prices vary by what is included, it is best to just read the contents and decide what you are comfortable with. One you look at a few different kits, across a range of prices, you will have a better idea of what you think you should bring.

Clothing - shirt and sweat pants, gloves, jackets, sweater, thermals, hiking boots, sneakers, sandals, socks of varying thickness, underwear, wellies, fleece, swimsuits, pajamas, tank tops, hats and bandannas. Not to mention waterproof jackets and trousers.

Utensils / Cooking / - food container, insulator for frozen food, pots and pans, thermos, aluminum foil, fuel, stove, matches or lighter, disposable utensils, dish towels, bottle and can opener, knife, trash bags, zip lock bags, mugs, bowls, coffee pot, spatula, dish soap, table cloth and skewers for campfire barbecuing or marshmallow toasting.

Children ? - Babies: If you have a baby then you know what you need to bring for them. Preschoolers - some ideas of things to bring include: games, drawing materials (pencils, crayons, paper), a bucket and shovel, balls, a toy boat if you will be around water and toy trucks.